Need to develop.

28 Feb


-modeling,  the act of modeling, not posing. Acting out, not posing. Feeling it, not posing.

-portfolio, can a pencil be your portfolio? Absolutely, it can be your medium, topic, source, subject. What inspires you and how it inspires you that is a portfolio. It shows whether someone should hire you, believe or even sponsor you. It is your visual inspiration. Anything can be transformed into your aesthetics and therefore become part of your portfolio.

-future vision, what is your dream? now write down the first five people that come to mind. Now write the five first attributes of those people that come to mind. Those are your values (Mitt Romney BYU magazine winter 2012). Now shape your dream to be in accordance to your values. That is what you want. Don’t let either take over the other, shape them equally. That is a peace of mind of your own success.

Several websites:

Model Mayhem

So much to learn about details. Hair shade, style, is it transparent at the tips?; bare feet, are they dirty? are they supposed to be? perhaps they are telling a story? are they taking or adding to the overall experience of the photograph?

No ridiculous needs but still keep needs among “high expectations”, to keep a flourish of creativity, good moods and product.

I have no idea how I ran into him.

I honestly don’t do well with stereo-typical hairdos. Curly hair and rhinestones… really?

coco rocha


You don’t need background for this… the fabric makes it up. Hmmmm.

Via trieste 19 junio 2011

Play around with expressions. Dance, Hand gestures. Play with your outfit. Go crazy and reduce.

Favorite scenarios: Warriors, hunter, magical/spell caster. Dancer,

bubble wings on bubble bath? pink tul with black plastic weave?


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